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Dear Parents,
        Birthdays are special days for children with memories lasting a lifetime. Millbrook’s PTA developed a birthday program to help improve the library collection. Parents and students select a book to be donated to the library in honor of the child’s birthday. Students have enjoyed the new books and the library has benefited greatly.
        The price of birthday books will remain at $8.25 for this school year. Once again, books will be available to preview in the library.
        The student or the student & parent may come to the library during the month of the child’s birthday to select and pay for a book. The special birthday label will be made and mounted in the book and it should be available for check out within one to two days. Students with birthdays in June and July will receive this letter in May. All August birthdays will be distributed with the September birthdays.
        Students are the first to check out their special book. Please fill out the order form at the end of this letter and return it with your payment. We hope that you and your child will enjoy selecting and reading their special book. Thank you for your participation on this program.
Michelle Goings
Librarian, Millbrook Elementary
Student name_____________Birthday_________________________________
Homeroom _______________Amount enclosed _______________________
Parent signature ____________________________________________________