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Review of 2013 - 2014 School Renewal
Goals Accomplished:
*Map and Dominie data was used to analyze students' needs and plan instruction.
*Individualized instruction was implemented through the reading initiative and MAP score analysis. Tutoring sessions were held by the Instructional Coach on a daily basis.
*Software was purchased to provide additional instructional support.
*An after school program for at risk students was established to provide additional academic support.
*One Instructional Coach and a CAI proctor was funded by Title I funds.
*Fifteen SRNS grants were received and used to enhance Science and Math instruction.
*Teachers participated in staff development with a focus on common core standards during early release days and various times throughout the year.
*Provided teachers with relevant professional staff development and professional reading opportunities to enhance instruction.
*Dominie testing data was used to guide reading instruction.
The purpose of Millbrook Elementary is to promote a rigorous curriculum with high academic goals, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication and collaboration skills within a safe, nurturing environment.
Millbrook’s Direction
Our vision at Millbrook Elementary is to empower all students for a lifetime of personal success in a rapidly changing world through an academic curriculum that provides consistent, clear understanding of twenty first century skills allowing them to compete in a global economy.
4K Schedule
7:15AM                  Arrival for morning class
10:30                    Dismissal of morning class
11:00 AM              Arrival for afternoon class
2:00 PM            Dismissal for afternoon class
 Instructional Schedule
Daily Schedule
7:00 A.M.             EARLIEST time for students to arrive at school. Classroom and cafeteria supervision begins.
7:00 - 7:15 A.M. Students eating breakfast arrive -  No breakfast will be served after 7:15 A.M. except for late bus students.
Students report to classroom.
7:30 A.M.           First Bell
7:35 A.M.                       Tardy Bell*
2:15 P.M.             Final Bell/ Dismissal
* Students must be in the classroom by 7:35 AM to avoid being counted as tardy.*
Class Interruptions/Disturbances
Class interruptions are limited only to emergencies.  Any outside interference with the continuous progress of teaching and learning shall be considered an interruption. Parents/visitors MAY NOT go to classrooms without office clearance. Parents must set up conferences with teachers during planning times or before/after school hours.
Dress Code
Students are expected to be clean, neat and dressed appropriately at all times. Students are not allowed to wear short skirts/shorts (when hands are down by their sides shorts must be as long as fingertips), no short shirts (shirts must cover to the waist on both boys and girls) and pant/skirts must be worn on the waist. At no time is a child’s underwear to be in view. No strapless shirts, tank tops, spaghetti straps, mesh tank tops, flip flops/thong type shoes, or shoes with retractable wheels.
Clothing items that contain offensive or inappropriate pictures, messages or slogans may not be worn as well as headwear; (hats, do-rags, scarves etc.) may not be worn at any time in the building. Parents will be called to pick up students or bring a change of clothing for those not appropriately dressed. Students who are inappropriately dressed will not be allowed to remain in the classroom.
Student Registration
State law requires that a child must be four (4) years old on or before the first day of September in order to attend the Child Development class.  (Students must qualify for program).
In order to attend kindergarten, a child must be five (5) years old on or before the first day of September. To attend first grade, a child must be six (6) years old on or before the first day of September.
Instructional Fees
The Consolidated School District of Aiken County is authorized by statute, as are all school districts, to charge fees to help offset incidental supplies and similar costs in connection with serving students’ needs. In certain hardship situations the fees may be paid by installments. Certain families may qualify for waiver of such fees or prorated reduction, based upon eligibility for free lunch, or reduced lunch, respectively, if a request is made.
Student fees for 2014 - 2015 are $35.00 per child.  Additional GT fee is $15.00 per child.
Registration Cards
The school office must have a parent's current address and telephone number at all times. This is particularly important in cases of emergency.  Also, Emergency Contact information listed at the bottom of the registration card must be accurate. Should any information change, such as telephone numbers, address, etc., please notify the school office in writing. Help us keep your child's information up-to-date!
Parents and community residents are encouraged to be a part of the school family and an extension of the students’ learning.  We have many types of tasks for volunteers to select. All volunteers must complete district required training before volunteering.  All volunteers must first report to the main office to register and record daily assignments and hours volunteered in the school. Reports are mandated by the Educational Improvement Act (EIA). 
Volunteers are asked not to bring younger siblings or visitors unless pre-approved by the principal.
We encourage parents to visit our school. Advance notice helps us prepare for your visit. The safety and protection of all students at Millbrook Elementary are of the utmost importance. Visitors to our school must report to the office and receive permission and a pass from the office before going to any other part of the building or school.
Parents/guardians are welcome to visit their child’s classroom to view a lesson. However, in order to ensure that the educational process is not interrupted, parents/guardians must make arrangements in advance with the teacher/administration. Teachers may request that an administrator attend during the classroom visit. Parents and family are welcome to attend all school functions and programs, with the exception of “Field Day”. We ask parent not to bring other children with them during Field Day. Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their child except on days when the school calendar indicates “bag lunches.”
Early Dismissals
Please send a note to the teacher to give advanced notice of any appointments that will require early checkout of your child. No student will be dismissed from school except at scheduled times unless written request is sent, and the parent comes to the school office for the child. Please be certain to limit this to absolute emergencies.  All students must be signed out in the office by a parent, guardian, or adult listed on the registration card and show a photo I.D.  Name MUST be on card, the office staff will not make calls for persons not listed on card. To ensure the safety of our students, we ask that all adults signing in to the school or signing out a student be prepared to show picture I.D. to the office personnel. You will be unable to sign your child out of school after 1:45 pm due to dismissal procedures. Also, please remember that the front drive way is reserved for buses only from 1:50 to 3:00.
Car Riders
Car riders enter the building through the carpool entrance. Late arrivals must report to the office for a tardy slip before being admitted to the classroom. Faculty and staff are stationed throughout the school to ensure that your child reaches his/her room in a timely and safe manner. Parents must use the car line area AT THE REAR OF THE BUILDING to drop off and pick up students. Do not use the cafeteria parking lot; this lot is reserved for staff and K4 drop off/pick up.
***The back car line gate will be locked until
2:15 pm. This new procedure will further ensure the safety of our students.***
All walkers must live within 1.5 miles of the school. There will be no front walkers unless the parent works at Kennedy or South Aiken, or lives within the 1.5 mile distance. Parents need to contact the Assistant Principal if a student walks to or from school.
If approved, the student will be given a walker pass, and the person that receives that student will have to show his/her pass as well for K through 2nd grade students. The safety of our students crossing Pine Log Road is of great importance. We appreciate your cooperation.
Please note Millbrook Elementary students are not allowed to be dropped off or picked up in the Millbrook Baptist Church Parking lot for any reason.
Transportation Procedures
A signed and dated note must be sent to school with the student if a change is made on how he/she is to get home from school. No transportation changes will be taken over the phone. A note may be faxed at 641-2449 with a parent’s signature. Please call to be sure the fax was received. This is for the protection of your children.
  1. Bus
Bus transportation is provided for any student living 1.5 miles or more from our school. Riding the bus is a privilege. If the rules are not followed, it is a privilege that can be revoked. If you have any concerns you may reach the transportation office @: 803-641-2507.
Some examples of misbehavior on the bus are:
  • Standing/moving when the bus is in motion.
  • Putting head or arms outside the window.
  • Horse playing or fighting.
  • Making unusually loud noises.
  • Using profanity or making obscene gestures.
  • Throwing litter on the floor of the bus.
  • Eating or drinking on the bus.
  • Damaging bus property.
  • If your student is returned by the bus more than two times due to failure of parent/guardian being present at the assigned bus stop,   the student will receive suspension from the bus for the remainder of the semester. NO EXCEPTIONS.
The standard consequences for breaking rules are:
First Offense:               Written warning
Second Offense:          3 days off bus
Third Offense:                         6 days off bus
Fourth Offense:                       10 days off bus
Fifth Offense:              Off the bus for the remainder of the year.
Car Line
Drop off and pick up procedures.
Please help ensure a safe and orderly dismissal from school each day by the following guidelines:
***Drivers are to display their children’s names and grades on their visor.***
  • The front drive is to be used ONLY for teacher parking and buses in the mornings and afternoons.
  • The front drive is the designated area for loading and unloading buses in the morning and afternoon.
  • Students who depart in cars are dismissed at 2:15 each regular school day.
  • Students will be dismissed to designated grade level areas. Students will wait there until their names are called.
  • Vehicles will enter the boarding area carefully and fill two lanes.
  • When both lanes of traffic are stopped, the teacher will signal those students whose ride is in the loading zone to proceed to their cars.
  • Do not leave your vehicle to escort your child; teachers will assist your child in the safest manner possible.
  • When the vehicles in both lanes of the loading zone are loaded, the teacher on duty will signal for one lane of vehicles to leave. The signal will then be given for the other lane to follow.
  • If your child does not come to your vehicle, do not leave your car, but signal to the teacher on duty.
  • This procedure will be followed until all children have boarded their vehicles safely.
  • Please use the appropriate entrance and exit off Henry Street. Parking on Henry Street and Waites Street is prohibited because of many children who walk home and need to walk on the shoulders of these streets.
Important Reminders
  • Never leave your parked vehicle in the lanes of traffic.
  • Never instruct your child to board your vehicle anywhere except in the boarding area.
  • Car riders may be picked up only in the carpool area.
Dismissal Procedure During Emergency or                                                                                                           Inclement Weather Situations.
In case of extreme weather conditions (hurricane, tornado, ice or snow), school may be opened late, dismissed early or canceled. ACPSD has adopted the ALERT NOW Notification System which will call your home with a message providing information about school closings due to inclement weather or other school emergencies. The superintendent of schools checks closely with the weather station and then individual schools are notified. Listen to the local radio and TV stations for information regarding emergency school closings/dismissal. They will carry all needed information as soon as a decision has been made. Do not call the school. Our lines need to be open for emergency information. Also, all emergency information will be denoted on the district and school website.
School bus routes are not adjusted to accommodate early dismissals and/or school closings. Therefore, buses will complete normal routes delivering students to their usual destinations (bus stops).
*Please remember that in emergency situations when school closes early, your child must know what you expect him/her to do. Be certain you discuss your plan of action so your child knows what to do. A note must be written for any change in transportation.
Each student enrolled in Aiken County Schools shall be expected to attend school regularly for 180 days of the school year. Any absence shall require a note from a parent or guardian when the student returns to school. Notes from parents will be kept on file for the duration of the school year. The note is to specify the following: student’s name, parent’s signature, date(s) of absence, date the note is written, reason for absence, and parent’s daytime phone number. Failure to submit notes for absences within 5 school days will result in the absence being marked unlawful.  Family vacations and trips during the school year will be considered unlawful absences unless there is specific educational purpose recognized by the principal as a lawful absence. Approval by the principal must be made in advance of the trip. Any student who misses more than ten (10) days will be required to have a statement from a physician before additional absences due to illness will be excused.  All absences, whether lawful or unlawful, are charged against the maximum allowed. Students are recognized each nine weeks for perfect attendance. Students with any tardy violations or early dismissals will be excluded from the award.
Students arriving after the 7:35 bell are tardy and must report to the attendance area before going to their classrooms.  Please consider unexpected traffic in the morning and have your child arrive before the 7:30 bell.  This is especially important during inclement weather as traffic becomes congested very early.  Parents will be required to come for a conference if excessive tardies occur.
School officials shall immediately intervene to encourage the student's future attendance when the student has three (3) consecutive unlawful absences or a total of five (5) unlawful absences, and the school principal shall promptly approve or disapprove any student absence in excess of ten (10) days.  A plan shall be developed in conjunction with the student and parent or guardian to improve future attendance. 
Make-Up of Work Missed
A student absent from school or class for any reason is responsible for all work missed.  The student must arrange with the teacher to complete the work missed.  Work must be made up within 5 school days of an absence, unless prior arrangements have been made between the parent and principal.
Call the school by 9:00 AM if you wish to pick up missed worked that afternoon at 3:00 P.M.
Denial of Credit
Any student who fails to meet the minimum attendance requirements will not be promoted unless approval for excessive absences is given by the principal. (Usually for cases of chronic or extended illness or in emergency situations).  If your child is retained due to attendance problems, appeals of the principal's decision will be processed through the District's administrative functions (Assistant Superintendent, District Superintendent, respectively) with the Board of Education being the final step.
Doctor/Dental Appointments
If a student has an appointment and arrives at school after the tardy bell, he/she must bring a note from the doctor or dentist to verify the appointment. Students who are signed out of school early must submit a note from the doctor upon return to school the next school day.
Parents must notify the school office in advance, if they are planning to transfer their student to another school. All textbooks and library books must be returned and all financial obligations met before withdrawal will be completed. During summer months, it is important to notify the school as early as possible when moving from our attendance area.
Cafeteria Services
School food services will be provided daily for breakfast and lunch. Lunch/milk money should be placed in an envelope with child's name, teacher's name and grade, amount of money enclosed and days being paid for (Mon., Tues., Thurs., etc.)
Please make checks payable to School Food Service. Do not combine lunch money with any other school fee or payment.  All lunch money is paid to the lunchroom manager in the cafeteria before school.  No money will be accepted in the lunch line. 
Cost for breakfast per day:
$1.75 for regular breakfast     Reduced = .30
Cost for lunch per day:
$2.15 for regular lunch          Reduced =.40
Extra milk .50
Prices are subject to change.
  • Students may qualify for free or reduced breakfast and lunch based on need.  Parents are required to complete the lunch form during the first 10 days of school.
  • Lunch for the entire week should be paid for on Monday, however, you may pay monthly in advance. If your child does not bring lunch money, it is the responsibility of the parent to send a lunch with the child.
  • In case of forgotten bag lunches, the child will not be allowed to call home.  School lunch will be provided and parents will be billed by the cafeteria. If a parent brings in a forgotten lunch, they must check in at the main office and the office staff will deliver the lunch.
Charged Meals
  • Students will be allowed to eat as many as three days per year without paying before a written notice is sent to parents.  On the third day a written notice will be sent to the parents, via the student, requesting payment.
  • * We cannot be responsible for monitoring food allergies. Please send a lunch for any child allergic to specific foods or additives.*
Cafeteria Rules
  • Be responsible for your area.
  • Sit at your assigned table.
  • Practice good table manners.
  • Eat quietly until your teacher lets you know you may whisper.
Lunches Brought to School
Parents, any type of restaurant food is not allowed to be brought or delivered to your student at school.
The lunchroom manager may be contacted at 641-2588.
Outside Food
If you want to bring treats for your child’s birthday, please make advanced arrangements with their teacher. New federal regulations placed in 2014, prohibits all schools from allowing birthday treats in the cafeteria during lunchtimes. (Between the hours of 10:20 to 12:45).  All food brought in must be individually packaged by a vendor with all ingredients. No homemade items are allowed.  Again, please make arrangements in advance with your child’s teacher.
Discipline Plan
The staff will make every effort to interpret and enforce the school-wide discipline plan in a consistent and fair manner. Any behavior considered inappropriate and disruptive to the educational environment that may not be specifically dealt with in this plan will be handled in a manner the administration feels is most appropriate for all concerned.  School rules are in effect: 1) on the school grounds before, during, and after the school day at all school activities; 2) off the school grounds during any school activity such as a field trip; 3) enroute to and from school on a school bus.  For further explanation refer to the Aiken County Code of Conduct.
Anti-Bully Policy
Millbrook Elementary is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our students so they can learn in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at our school.
Aiken County Public School district defines harassment, intimidation or bullying as a gesture, electronic communication or a written, verbal, physical, or sexual act reasonably perceived to have the effect of either of the following:
  • Harming a student physically or emotionally or damaging a student’s property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of personal harm of property damage
  • Insulting or demeaning a student or group of students in such a manner as to cause substantial disruption in, or substantial interference with, the orderly operation of the school.
(Excerpt code JICFAA Issued 12/06 Aiken County Public Schools Code of Student Conduct).
"A person is bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons, and he or she has difficulty defending him or herself."
Bullying must include three important components:
1. Bullying is aggressive behavior that involves unwanted, negative actions.
2. Bullying involves a pattern of behavior repeated over time.
3. Bullying involves an imbalance of power or strength.
Reporting Procedures
If you believe a child is being bullied, please notify his/her teacher and administration immediately.  Reports can be made in writing or in person and will be investigated. Discipline and interventions will be appropriate according to offense.
Possible disciplinary action and consequences:
1. Temporary removal from the classroom
2. Deprivation of privileges
3. Classroom or administrative detention
4. In school, out of school suspensions
5. Expulsion
No students or teachers will be called to the telephone during the school day. Because of our limited office staff, we are unable to accept telephone messages for students other than those of an emergency nature.
Students are not allowed to call home for lunches, homework, etc.  In case of forgotten lunches, the child will eat school lunch. Parents who bring forgotten lunches to school must come to the main office.
School–wide Rules
Good citizenship is expected and promoted. All school personnel are required to address the behavior of students. Behavior grades for the nine weeks are based on behavior while at school in all places. All students are expected to demonstrate good citizenship by following school–wide rules. These are:
  • We will not prevent a teacher from teaching and other students from learning.
  • We will follow directions and obey all rules.
  • We will respect others by keeping our hands, feet and objects to ourselves.
  • We will use appropriate language at all times.
  • We will walk on the right and in a quiet, orderly way.
When possible, medications should be given by parents/guardians before or after school hoursIf a student is required to take medication during school hours, and the parent/guardian cannot be at the school to administer, only the principal’s designee will administer the medication in compliance with the following regulations.
South Carolina law requires school nurses to have a completed district medication permission form AND a written medical order from a health care provider in order to administer Prescription medication to students.
In order for a child to be given Prescription medicine at school, there are two options that you may use:
(1) The child’s health care practitioner may send a copy of the prescription or a written statement from the health care practitioner that provides the child’s name, name of the drug, the dose, and the approximate time it is to be taken along with a parent/guardian completed “School Health Services Permission for Medication” form; OR
(2) The child’s health care practitioner and the parent or guardian should complete and sign the Aiken County School District’s “School Health Services Permission for Medication” form. The District’s “School Health Services Permission for Medication” forms are available at the school and can also be found on the school and district websites.
No medication will be administered without a completed “School Health Services Permission for Medication” District Medication form.  The parent/guardian is required to deliver a completed “School Health Services Permission for Medication” form and any medication to the school.
Medications requiring a written medical order from a health care practitioner: 
· Prescribed medications
· Herbal/alternative medicinal products
· Experimental medications
· Medications being used off-label (including over    the counter medications to be given in dosages or for reasons that are not consistent with the medication label or package insert).
1. All pharmacy filled medication must be in the original prescription container labeled with the following typed information.
a. students name
b. name of medicine
c. time to be administered
d. dosage
e. strength
f. directions for use
g. approximate duration
h. physician’s name
i. date
j. pharmacy name, address, phone number
2.  Refilled prescription drugs must be provided in a new container, appropriately labeled. Medication may not exceed a one month supply.
3.  Any changes in administration of a current prescription medication must be accompanied by a changed District Medication form and updated written orders from the doctor.
4.   Students may be given permission to carry and self-administer their medications due to life threatening conditions. Permission will be granted only after a physician’s order is received and mandated procedures are complete. Students found carrying medications without permission will be disciplined.
5.  Non-prescriptive (Over-the-Counter) medications in the following categories should be delivered to the school by the parent/legal guardian in the manufacture’s smallest original container available and must be accompanied by a completed Aiken County School District’s “School Health Services Permission for Medication” form.  This form must be completed by the parent/guardian.
a. Analgesics i.e. Children’s Tylenol, etc.
b. Antihistamines i.e. Children’s Benadryl, etc.
c. Antitussives i.e. Robitussin, cough drops etc.
d. Antibacterial Ointments i.e. Bacitracin etc.
e. Antacids i.e. Tums, Gaviscon, etc… Only child appropriate non-aspirin containing antacids will be administered.
6.  School personnel will do the following:
a. Inform the principal or principal’s designee of the medication.
b. Keep a record of the receipt and administration of medication on the district form.
c. Keep medication in a secure, locked container.
d. Return unused medication to the parent/guardian or student at Principal’s discretion unless instructed otherwise.
7.  The school district retains the discretion to reject any request for administration of medicine.
8.  A copy of the regulation and the policy may be provided to parent/guardian upon request for administration of medication in the schools.
9.  School personnel and employees cannot be responsible for the adequacy of prescribed medications or medical treatments recommended by physicians or related medical professionals and/or supplied by pharmacists or other sources outside the school district and therefore, will assume no responsibility for the effects of such medications or treatments upon students.
Revised 2/8/00 JGCD-R Medicines
School District of Aiken County Administrative Rule
Accidents/Illness at School
Parents will receive notice of illness or injury experienced during the school day. It is imperative that the school has an emergency phone number on file if we are unable to reach the parents.  A school nurse will be available to address minor health concerns.
Classroom Assignments
All class rolls are tentative and are subject to change as enrollment changes within a classroom throughout the school year.  Requests for specific teachers cannot be honored.
Grading System
Students are evaluated with due consideration and recognition given to individual differences. Student performance shall be evaluated by tests and other available methods. In 4K and 5 yr. old Kindergarten, a checklist and a narrative report shall be provided instead of letter grades.  In grades one through twelve, letters shall be used to report student progress in Reading, Math, and Language Arts.
Excellent                      A         93 - 100
Above Average                        B          85 -  92
Average                       C          77 -  84
Below Average                        D         70 -  76
Failing                          F          below 70
Incomplete                   I
In elementary school, MS for Met Standard, MPS for making Progress toward Standard and NMS for not meeting standard; may be used in Art, Physical Education, Music and Handwriting. In grade one, MS and NMS will be used in Science, Health, English/Language Arts and Social Studies. Reports are made to the parents at the end of each 9-weeks period.  The information on the report card is intended to help the parents in promoting the greatest interest of the pupil. Monthly progress reports are sent by all teachers. These reports will keep you updated on your child's progress prior to receiving the 9-weeks report card.  Conferences will be scheduled with the teacher if your child is not performing as well as teacher/parent expectations.
Students in grades 1-5 are issued textbooks for many subject areas. Kindergarteners are issued reading books. All textbooks belong to the State of South Carolina and students are required to pay fees for lost or damaged books before receiving additional books. Please encourage your child to keep book covers on all books throughout the school year.
Homework is important in the learning process in that it extends the active involvement beyond the classroom.  The time a student spends in class is not enough to ensure sufficient learning.  Homework is an excellent way for the parent to keep abreast of a child's progress.
**Please check the school fusion page regularly**
Homework is used to provide extra practice, enrichment and opportunities to develop a sense of responsibility.  Homework is an extension of the instructional day.
The amount of homework per day from individual teachers may vary.  For a child to receive the greatest benefit from homework experiences, the parent could help by providing an appropriate time and desirable place for the child to work. Good communication between home and school and mutual cooperation are imperative in fostering the full development of the student's potential.  Please contact your child's teacher regarding homework assignments if you have questions or concerns.
Lost and Found
Money, jewelry, or other valuables will remain in the office until claimed.  All other items (clothing, book bags, lunch boxes, etc.) may be claimed in the old cafeteria. Unclaimed articles will be donated to a local charity mid-year, and at the end of the school year. It is recommended that you put name tags in clothing and label all lunch boxes, book bags, and personal items.
Money and Payments
Whenever possible, payments should be made by check.  Students should not bring money to school unless it is to be used for a specific purpose.    
All students, especially young children, should place such money in an envelope with his/her name written on it as well as the teacher's name, the amount enclosed and its purpose.  Neither the teacher nor the school can be responsible for lost or misplaced money. 
Please make all checks payable to Millbrook Elementary School. If you have more than one child attending Millbrook Elementary, separate checks must be written for each child.  Please indicate the child's name and teacher on each check. 
Field Trips
Educational field trips are planned to provide experiences correlated with curriculum objectives.  Students are required to pay a field trip fee and have written permission from a parent or guardian prior to going on field trips.  All trips will be chaperoned by school personnel assisted by trained parent volunteers.  School buses and commercial bus lines are reserved in advance of trips.  Each student's share of the cost of the bus expense and the cost of any admission is calculated at the time the bus is reserved. 
Student’s typical behavior is considered prior to field trips due to our commitment to ensure the safety of all students and school staff. If the administration deems necessary, students will be denied participation or parents/guardians will be required to accompany students on field trips.
Safety Issues/Campus Hours
For safety reasons, no students are allowed on the school campus before 7:00 AM or after 2:40 PM on days school is in session.  Please do not allow your child to enter school grounds on weekends or days school is not in session.  Aiken Public Safety will be assisting us in monitoring our campus. OUR
Child Abuse
Any teacher, nurse, counselor or other school professional acting in an official capacity who has reason to believe a child under age 18 has been subjected to or adversely affected by physical, mental, or emotional abuse/neglect must make a report to the County Department of Social Services or appropriate law enforcement agency in accordance with the SC Child Protection Act of 1977. 
Fire/Tornado/Earthquake Safety Drills
Fire drills are held once each month.  Tornado drills are conducted at least twice yearly.  Earthquake drills are held yearly.  Instructions for evacuation of the classroom are posted in each classroom. Other safety drills are held throughout the year at the principal’s discretion.
Parents and Visitors
Each entrance to the building will be posted with specific instructions for entering the building.  All individuals not employed by the School District of Aiken County will be required to enter through the main entrance door and report immediately to the office.  All parents and visitors must sign in and get permission to go to the classroom prior to each class visit.  Unauthorized visits by friends or relatives are not allowed during the instructional day.
All individuals who are not staff members must receive a badge or sticker and display this on his/her clothing prior to advancing beyond the main office of the school.  This includes volunteers, PTO workers, and any parent attending a parent/teacher conference.  Our students are instructed to perceive an unidentified person as a STRANGER! 
Individuals who do not follow our plan for security will be escorted to the main office to sign in.  We do not want to offend any of our supportive parents; therefore, if you are asked to return to the office for a badge, please accept this request in a spirit of cooperation and concern for our children. 
Sexual Harassment
According to the District Code of Student Conduct, engaging in sexual harassment of any student, staff member, or visitor, either male or female, on school property or while under the jurisdiction of the school, is considered a violation that is disorderly, disruptive, and/or criminal in nature and may result in disciplinary action, including suspension and/or expulsion in certain instances when it occurs while the student is on school property and/or under the jurisdiction of the school, including while riding a school bus.  Sexual harassment may be generally defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and written, spoken or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
Students who feel they may have been subjected to sexual harassment are encouraged to report the matter to a parent and to a teacher, guidance counselor, principal or any other school official with whom the student feels comfortable.
Parent Contacts/Involvement/Resources
Parents are encouraged to conference with teachers whenever there is a need. Parents must set up conferences with teachers during planning times, or before/after school hours. The secretary will reschedule an appointment, should a called meeting or other conflict arise. Conferences are usually scheduled on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. The principal and/or assistant principal needs to be aware of all teacher-parent conferences.
Newsletters and Website
A monthly newsletter is issued by the office to keep parents informed of upcoming school events.  All teachers will have a school website and will include all pertinent classroom information on their webpage. Also, all upcoming events are posted on the school website.
Progress Reports
The staff at Millbrook Elementary School desires to keep you informed throughout the school year.  Your child should be bringing home a progress report to keep you updated on your child's progress prior to receiving the 9-weeks report card. Each grade level notifies parents of dates to expect progress reports to be sent home.
Power School Access
Each student is assigned a user name and password for the Power School parent portal, which follows them throughout their school career. You must come into the office to get your student’s information; it will not be given to you over the phone.
You can gain access all of your child’s grades and progress on a daily basis through this program, which is accessible through the Aiken County District School website.
Report Cards
Report Cards will be issued at the end of each 9 weeks period. The information on the report card is intended to help parents in promoting the greatest interest of the pupil.               
Deliveries of flowers, presents, balloons, etc. are not allowed per Aiken County School District policy.  We must inform florists to deliver these to the home address. 
To be promoted, a student must satisfactorily complete the minimum criteria established by the State Board of Education as mandated by the Education Improvement Act of 1984 and local requirements of the Aiken County Board of Education.  These criteria are provided in Board Policy IHE-R, available in the office.  Promotion to the next level of work or retention in the same grade or subject level shall be by joint recommendation from the teacher and principal.
Students may be retained for excessive absences. See additional information included in the attendance section.
Special Classes and Programs
Academic Awards
Students are recognized for superior performance each nine weeks during an Honors Assembly in the following manner: 
  • Principal's Honor Roll Certificates are given to students in Grades 2-5.
  • Students who receive grades of all A’s in all subjects are named to the Principal’s Honor Roll for each grading period. Students who receive all A’s and B’s in all subjects receive an A/B honor roll certificate. Students achieving honor roll for the entire school year are invited to the Principal’s Honor Roll Picnic at the end of the year.
  • Student of the Month will be given by each classroom for each grading period.
  • Certificates for Perfect Attendance are given each nine weeks.  Students must be in attendance and in the classroom on time in order to receive this award. Tardy violations and early dismissal/sign outs will exclude students from getting this award.
  • Certificates and letters of recognition are given in various areas throughout the school year at the quarterly assemblies.  Please check the calendar for these dates.  Parents are invited to attend. 
School Sponsored Student Activities and Opportunities
Career Awareness Day
Character Education
Jump Rope for Heart
Recycling Program
Gifted and Talented Program
Field Day
Fitness Club
After School Tutoring Grades 3-5
Student Council
Book Buddies
PAWS for Reading
Veterans Day Activities
Kindergarten Reading Round-up
Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Celebration
Safety Patrol
Science Fair for grades four and five
Spark Program with USC-A
Computer Education
  • Computers with Internet capability have been installed in each classroom. Purchased network programs will be accessible from the classrooms.
  • The library is computerized and students will have access to library listings through their classroom computers.
  • Computer Assisted Program (CAP) has been implemented in reading and math in Grades 1-5, and students access this each day in the CCC Lab. At-risk students in 2nd – 5th grades have additional times weekly.
Guidance Service
Elementary school guidance and counseling concerns itself with helping each child reach his full potential as he goes through the developmental process.  The elementary school counselor works with students to help them build a positive self-concept, effective life skills and successful coping processes in order to better deal with the normal developmental problems that they will encounter.  The counselor works closely with children, parents, teachers, administrators, and other support people in this effort.  The guidance counselor works with children individually, in small groups, and in the classroom. Contact Chasity McDaniel, Guidance Counselor for guidance related information.
Media Center
The Media Center will be open at 7:00 a.m. until 2:15 p.m. daily for student use.                             Each class visits the library on a flexible schedule.  Students are permitted to check out books for one week.  There will be a fine for lost books and for books damaged beyond normal use while in the possession of the child.  These fines are due at the time of the loss. 
P.E. Classes
Your child will need to wear play clothes and tennis shoes for P.E. class.  Check with your child to determine which days he/she has P.E. All students must have a signed PE form to participate.
Math Writing Lab
All students in Grades K - 5 will participate in Millbrook Elementary's Math/Writing Lab. While in the lab, the children will receive "hands-on" instruction based on State Department of Education and School District of Aiken County Math/Science objectives which are correlated with classroom instruction.
Each classroom teacher continually promotes a good self image for each student.  You will receive copies of classroom activities designed to help each student accept him/herself as an important person.  Parents are encouraged to recognize each child as an individual and to accentuate the positive aspects of his/her personality.
Psychological Testing
Often a child may show signs of academic difficulties.  When this happens, the teacher will make a referral to the Student Intervention Team (SIT).  After review, the child may be referred to the school psychologist for further testing.  Not all students referred to SIT will be tested. 
School Testing Program and Results
All elementary schools in Aiken County participate in the state and district testing program.  Test dates are noted on our calendars as well as in our newsletters.  Test results are sent home for all students as directed by district officials.  Test results, along with remedial suggestions for deficient areas, are given to parents at the report card conference in October. 
Speech/Vision/Hearing Screening
Vision and hearing screening will be done by teacher referral, or through mass screenings.
HOW ARE STUDENTS IDENTIFIED?        Gifted and talented students are found within all          racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups. Identification is a multi-step process, established by the South Carolina Department of Education. All second grade students are tested with a nationally normed aptitude and achievement test in the fall. Students in other grades are screened based on any new data less than two years old. No private testing may be accepted for consideration, but may be used for referral purposes. Teachers, parents and administrators may refer a student for screening at any time during the school year, in order to qualify for placement in the academically gifted and talented program. A student must meet the eligibility criteria in two of the following three dimensions:
  • Dimension A – Aptitude Students must score at or above the 93rd national age percentile on a nationally normed aptitude test, in one or more of these areas: verbal/linguistic, nonverbal, quantitative/mathematical and/or a composite of the three areas.
    Students at or above the 96th national age percentile on the composite score have automatic placement.
  • Dimension B – Achievement
    Students must score at or above the 94th national percentile on an approved subtest (reading and /or mathematical areas) on a nationally normed achievement test or score at the Advanced level for ELA and/or Math on the South Carolina PASS Test.
  • Dimension C – Academic Performance
    This dimension is only applied if a student has already met Dimension A or B. For G/T placement in grades 3-6, a student must achieve an acceptable score on either the verbal or non-verbal sections on the STAR Performance Tasks Test, administered each March. Students in grades 7-12 must demonstrate a grade point average of 3.75 on a 4.0 scale (93.75% average).
 The Aiken County Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic or racial background, religious beliefs, sex, disability, economic or social conditions, alienage, national origin, immigrant status (except as limited or restricted by certain visa qualifications set forth in federal law) or by English-speaking status in, or employment in, its programs and activities. Inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies should be made to the Associate Superintendent for Administration (641-2609).